In the far 1958 RIZZO GELINDO, after having a period of practice
with his brother Angelo, he founded the RIZZO GELINDO
AUTOTRASPORTI who had only one truck, the type “ESATAU”,
and he started to drive all over Italy.

- In the year 1978 Eugenio, the older son, stood with his father
  by devoting the trucks. In the following years the other two
  sons, Fortunato and Gianfranco, followed Eugenio. In the
  little but considerable steps the company grew:

- 1987 the RIZZO TRANS KG was found, at the begin as a
   transport agency, than it became a transport company.

- In 1991 the unchangeable co-operation was interrupted
  because of the dead of Gianfranco.

- Following the company RIZZO GELINDO was replaced
  by the RIZZO TRANS OHG and supplemented by smaller
   Partner companies. The company started to do international transports.


- 1996 the company turned into a
   “COMPANY WITH LIMITED RIGHT” , the number of
   trucks grew and the company offered more services
   for the customers in the different European countries.

- In 1998 was founded the branch in    Maishofen.

- On 01st march 2007 the founder of the company Rizzo
  Trans died, a tragically schock for everyone.